Leonard Berstien said " achieve great things, two things are

needed:  a plan and not quite enough time."  As an event planner,

no words are more true.  When the only established thing is a

deadline, last-minute details must be avoided.

Your event is a long-planned moment, and all that hard work

deserves to be remembered.  Whether you are planning a 

wedding or reception, an awards banquet or reunion, photography

is key to making your special evening last forever.


Weddings and Receptions

Not every wedding has a five-figure price tag - and not every

photographer shocks you with a four-figure bill.   A smartly-

planned wedding gets maximum bang for the buck, and I fit

perfectly into a budget-conscious event.

Whatever the reason for planning a smaller, more intimate wedding

and/or reception, I can work within your budget and give you the

traditional results you would expect from a large production.

High School Class and Family Reunions

Reunions are usually 5 or years farther apart, and images from 

the event are popular with most groups!   Whether you are

creating albums to remember the "good-old days" or making sure

that the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families are remembered

as they were in their prime, you don't want to trust the evening to

a bunch of selfies.

At your direction, I can plan large group portraits, individual portraits,

and informal "fun shots" or any combination that meets your needs.

Options include straight hourly work or per-event pricing + individual

sales of images to your guests.

Business Events and Recognition Ceremonies

Your staff has worked hard, and you work equally hard motivating

them and recognizing the effort that makes you successful. 

Bragging them up, regardless of the method, deserves great

portraits to go with their great performance.

​Images from your presentation, coupled with a portable studio

to capture your the beaming smiles of your employees as they 

display their hard-won awards, are the leading way to promote

your organization's core strengths to your internal and external


Special Wedding Event Packages coming soon!

Build-your-own Package

- Basic photography charge:  $ 60 / hr

- Image editing and retouching: 

          1 - 5 images :  $15 / image

          6 - 10 images:  $14 / image

          11 - 20 images: $13 / image

          21 + images:      $12 / image

* Nominal travel fees may apply for locations greater than
     1 hour from Minneapolis, MN
* Some locations charge fees for commercial / event
   photography.  Fees, if any, are the responsibility of the client.

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away."

--Eudora Welty

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