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I've had, to the best of my fuzzy memory, over a dozen jobs in my adult life. I've been a guard, a soldier, a production manager, a firefighter, a grunt laborer, and more.  I simply didn't understand that my career began at age 12 when I picked up my father's Mamiya-Secor 35mm SLR camera for the first time.  I was legit hooked, bro.

What followed is a life-long love affair with polished glass and the sculpting of light - while I still tried to succeed in the rat race.  It had the expected results - being generally unhappy with my employment, and retreating to the comfort of the photographic arts to re-center my world.  In 2015, I finally listened to friends, family, and my heart.

So, for now, my clients get to take advantage of 4 decades of experience, while working with the low price structure necessary for a new business!  But, don't take my word for it - listen to what my clients have to say!

Copyright 2014-2018 Perspectives Photography LLC and Perspectives: Allen Taylor Photography.    All rights reserved. Images on this site may not be duplicated without express permission from Perspectives Photography LLC or Bad Things (tm) will happen.  Trust me.  However, I DO allow my images to be used, often free of charge.  Contact me with inquiries!
Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.   Do not expose to open flame.   No cash value.   Avoid contact with clowns.  Driver does not carry cash.   Call toll-free number before digging.  Do not write below this line.  For off-road use only.  Because lawyers.

Rates  (effective through June 2018)

Discounts and Packages

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General Photography Services  |     $60 / hour

Full Editing                                      |     $10 - 15 / image

Product Photography                  |     $20 - 40 / image

​​​** Professional Collaborations , Partnerships, and Trade-for-Services considered!

Contact Information

Perspectives Photography LLC

Owner:  Allen Taylor
Phone: 612-248-5972

I take the time to learn about you, to get to know you.   The image is NOT the surface - it is the soul.  When I work with my clients, I am merely holding up a mirror to what I see.

Weddings or pet sessions, commission images or athletics, engagement or senior portraits...  you receive equal attention, equal dedication, and equal effort.

Because you are equally important, and your images WILL reflect that.

I respect your privacy.    I do NOT collect e-mail address nor add you to any lists.    I will contact you only in regards to your current inquiry or active projects.    I share business updates only on Social Media, and will not Spam your inbox.              --Allen

Discounts apply to members of Chive MN, ALL 501c3 non-profit organizations, Active/Retired members of US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Services, and Emergency Medical  Services