Athletics & Activities Photography

No one puts more heart and soul into their craft than the 

amateur athlete, the intellectual competitor, or the person

dedicated to perfecting a non-competetive skill.  Capturing the 

energy and effort - the moment of success - the edge of victory - 

those efforts deserve to be preserved forever.

From the raw speed and power of the athlete, to the furrowed

brow of a musician perfecting the pitch, to the intensity of the actor pulling tears from your soul, to the hair-trigger precision and endurance of the competitive racing team - the image reflects the brutal kinetic energy and single-minded determination separate the players from those who merely try.

Whether you are the crazy-for-the-game hockey mom, the coach, the sponsor, or the proud parent of a child deeply

involved in non-athletic activities, let me give you a return ticket to moments otherwise gone!

Build-your-own Package:

- For individuals:

     - Basic photography charge:  $ 60 / hr  (2-hour minimum)

     - Proof sheet of selected images

     - Full image editing and retouching: 

          1 - 5 images :    $15 / image

          6 - 10 images:  $12 / image

          11 + images:       $10 / image

- For Teams:

     - $75/game or match for tournaments

          - Includes Team Photo

          - Proof sheet of selected images
          - Full image editing and retouching:
              1 - 5 images :    $15 / image

              6 - 10 images:  $12 / image
              11 + images:       $10 / image

* Some locations charge fees for commercial / event photography.  Fees, if any,

          are the responsibility of the client.

* Nominal travel fees may apply for locations greater than 1 hour from

          Minneapolis, MN

* If the event cannot be easily calculated by time, distance, or both (such as

          dedicated photography for a Performance Rally in the US or Canada),

          contact me directly and we​ can discuss a flat rate!

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"The most important thing you learn as a sports photographer is anticipation - not where the action is taking place, but where it's going to take place."

--Lawrence Schiller